Peace, Said In Rhythm

Silence begets harmony
In a lot of ways
Disarming thee —
Non-violence is the key


Art by Danny Haas

"Don’t Quit Your Day Job" lol

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a kind of (nameless) thing; thingamajig; whatsiwhosit; whatchamacallit.
Etymology: unknown.




a kind of (nameless) thing; thingamajig; whatsiwhosit; whatchamacallit.

Etymology: unknown.


Café Free Write

Steep the bag as my thoughts lag, post-shift. I slip into a comfort zone, only known in sweatpants. Words dance sluggishly while I publish lines in slow-motion. Newfound devotion finds its way from depths that I’ve accepted. Repressed, no longer; I’ve kept my feelings buried deep. Never sleeping soundly; restless was every coming week. But since the awakening, my life’s been ripe for the taking. Doubt is but a small cloud that dissipates on this clear day. A new way in a new age, with an old flame forever burning. Each day I keeps self refreshed and always learning — Yearning for a reconnection with the Source of my everything. I’m cherishing every time I’ve had before embarrassing myself; Fabricated dramas, those were something else. No longer reserved, for the shelf of my focus. I’m hoping that everyone can share this new emotion.

~October 6, 2012


If They Could Tranform by Darren Rawlings / Blog / Tumblr

Opened Up: Changes

I have gone from one-a-days to whenever I choose! Keepin’ it simple. That is all.

"Opened Up" DAY #9: From the Heart to the Page

I’ve been doing things lately a bit closer to home for my blog. I have never drawn an angel before, and I thought it would be a nice time to finish one for a close friend of mine. I believe this is an artist’s rendition of the Archangel Michael. I don’t have the name — his work is amazing though!

Excited to see my friend’s face.

"Opened Up" DAY #7: "What’s To Come"
Haven’t recorded a hip-hop song before. It’s about progress. Hope you enjoy — Ik Ik, I vocal lessons… LOL. Nonetheless, It’s good to be able to express one’s self in a different avenue.
This is what it is One young dude Tryna teach the kids As I’m learning from em Show the world how we live Just to be a better person on the stage in the biz.
Change, above the struggles in the world Change: The only constant, yes, Boys and girls I say forgive me for ‘Dressin’ you as a youth Accept it and own it As one of the many truths
As I bring it back Cadillac — A vintage practice No need for prophylactics Check it - I’m raw — Freshly sown the seeds of destiny Right to chest Ya see I’m not going for broke. In ecstasy
“Forever young” As akon and the hova say Throw up ya hands And get down to earth and make ya stay And swag ya hips Just let go and let live Let love and let live
CHORUS Reminisce, as we burn the list. The fire, Let it go and let live It goes on and on and on. As we let love beget love, We’re on the run I’m letting go, With what’s to come as I let live.
VERSE Beautiful pearls from the sea So far away from the grains Of sand that we used to be. Let’s not get it twisted. This is for the future self. While the present bell is fresh and ringing
This joint has got me singing. No spliffs, just gtr riffs Straight outta reality’s grip Freshly squeezed, She-tropicana cobana Under bananas; mañzana She (the) golden primadonna On my arm.
Caressing my charm. Lucky, sugar, sweet. The cavities, they never matter With sweet dreams. I’m Holding on, defying gravity. Doing new math No longer average. I’m overcoming challenges. Uh
We’re raising the status quo, I’m set and I’ve been on the go. Round n round, Never down for the count. Questions are left for dead, I’m out.

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Vocal Stretch Warmup #2 for Baritone

^ Passion

"Opened Up" DAY #5: Simple Gardening

"Opened Up" DAY #5: Simple Gardening